BLE Module With Antenna & Shield cover(MICROCHIP IS1870SF)


    • Qualified for Bluetooth SIG v5.0 core specification
    • Certified to FCC, ISED, MIC, KCC, NCC, and
    SRRC radio regulations
    • Certified by European RED Assessed Radio
    • Compliant to RoHS
    • Supports UART interface
    • Supports transparent UART data service of BLE
    • The BTM970S module supports 3-channel
    pulse- width modulation (PWM)
    • Supports Precision Temperature Sensor (PTS)
    for ambient temperature detection
    • Supports 12-bit ADC (ENOB=10 or 8 bits) for
    battery and voltage detection
    • Provides 8-channel ADC for the BTM970S
    • Features 18 general purpose I/O (GPIO) pins for
    the BTM970S module
    • Features integrated 32 MHZ crystal
    • Small and compact surface mount module
    • Castellated surface mount pads for easy and
    reliable host PCB mounting