The BTM923 stereo audio module is a Bluetooth v5.0 (BDR/EDR) audio module for designers to add wireless audio
    and voice applications to their products. This Bluetooth SIG-certified module provides a complete wireless solution
    with Bluetooth stack, integrated antenna, and worldwide radio certifications in a compact surface mount package.
    This stereo module contains a built-in Li-Ion charger and a digital audio interface. It supports HSP, HFP, SPP, A2DP,
    and AVRCP profiles. Both AAC and SBC Codecs are supported for A2DP.
    Note: The customers must connect their own external analog Codec/DSP/amplifier and MCU for audio output.
    • Qualified for Bluetooth v5.0 Specification
    – HFP v1.6, HSP v1.1, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.5, SPP v1.0, PBAP v1.0
    – Bluetooth Classic, Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BDR/EDR)
    • On-Board Embedded Bluetooth Stack
    • Easy to Configure with Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Direct by Microcontroller Unit (MCU)
    • Compact Surface Mount Module:
    – 29 x 15 x 2.5 mm
    – Castellated surface mount pads
    • Integrated 3V and 1.8V Configurable Switching Regulator and LDO
    • Built-in Lithium-ion Battery Charger (up to 350 mA)
    • Built-in ADC for Battery Monitor and Voltage Sense
    • Audio-In/Out
    – BTM923 supports digital audio I2S format
    • Transparent Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) Mode for Seamless Serial Data Over UART
    • Integrated Crystal Oscillator and Matching Circuitry
    • Secure AES128 Encryption

    • Bluetooth Sound Bar
    • Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Phone

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