The BTM983H, based on Microchip’s dual-mode IS2083 system-on-chip (SoC) device, is an RF-certified, fully
    integrated module with high-performing voice and audio post-processing capability for Bluetooth audio applications.
    Tuning for Noise Reduction, Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), and EQ filtering can be customized with an easy-touse
    GUI Configuration Tool. This flexible platform provides multiple digital and analog audio interfaces including
    stereo microphones, I2S, Line-In and a stereo audio DAC. It supports easy firmware upgrades via UART, USB and
    Over-the- Air (OTA).
    This turn-key solution module is pre-programmed with firmware that enables Bluetooth audio playback for a plug-andplay
    solution, and an audio transceiver solution for A2DP source/sink. Control settings for LED drivers and other
    peripherals can be set via the Configuration Tool. Advanced developers can use the Software Development Kit (SDK)
    to implement their applications.
    Note: Contact your local sales representative for more information about the Software Development Kit (SDK).
    • Qualified for Bluetooth v5.0 Specification:
    – HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, SPP 1.2, AVRCP 1.6, and PBAP 1.2
    – Bluetooth classic (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy
    – General Attribute Profile (GATT) and General Access Profile (GAP)
    – Bluetooth Low Energy Data Length Extension (DLE) and secure connection
    • SDK:
    – 8051 MCU debugging
    – 24-bit program counter and data pointer modes
    • Multi-Link:
    – A2DP (maximum 3 devices)
    – HFP (maximum 3 devices)
    • Multi-Speaker (MSPK) Solution:
    – Microchip proprietary solution to connect a master speaker to one or more slave speakers
    – With MSPK firmware, the BTM983H can provide Concert mode and Stereo mode
    • Audio Transceiver (AT) Solution:
    – With AT firmware, the BTM983H can work as either an A2DP source (where BTM983H is the transmitter) or
    A2DP/HFP sink (where BTM983H is a receiver)
    • Audio Interfaces:
    – Stereo line input
    – Two analog microphones
    – One stereo digital microphone
    – Stereo audio Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC)
    – Inter-IC (I2S) Sound input/output
    – I2S Master Clock (MCLK)/reference clock
    • USB, UART, and Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrade
    • Built-In Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer Battery Charger (Up To 350 mA Charging Current)
    • Compact Surface Mount Module:
    – 32 mm x 15 mm x 2.5 mm
    – Castellated surface mount pads
    – Module shield
    • Integrated 3V and 1.8V Configurable Switching Regulator and Low-Dropout (LDO)

    • Portable Speaker
    • Multiple Speakers
    • Headphones

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